5 Christian Dating Discussion Questions to Build a Strong Foundation

As Christian believers, we understand that a good relationship is more than physical attraction but as well, spiritual compatibility, emotional bonding, and intellectual communion. The foundation of a healthy relationship is built on the principles of faith in God, love, communication, and mutual respect. Before getting too deeply involved in a relationship, it is important to ensure that the foundation is built on a solid base. Here are 5 Christian dating discussion questions that you can use to establish a strong foundation.

1. What Does God Want for Your Life?

The basis of a Christian relationship is a shared faith in God. Both partners should have a clear understanding of what God wants for them and their relationship. Discussing this question helps each partner to communicate their understanding of what God’s will for their life is. The ultimate goal should be to seek God’s guidance and direction in the relationship.

2. What are Your Non-Negotiables?

Every person has their own set of values and principles, which they hold dear. These principles could be regarding lifestyle, work, faith, or family. It is important to ensure that each partner is aware of the other’s non-negotiables to avoid future conflicts. Talk about the principles that you cannot compromise on, and discuss how to work around them.

3. What Kind of Relationship Do You Want?

The foundation of a strong relationship is a shared vision of what the relationship should look like. This includes communication, intimacy, and shared responsibilities. Both partners should set expectations for communication, time spent together, and balancing work and personal life. It is essential to be on the same page about the kind of relationship that you want, to ensure a fruitful connection.

4. Discuss Your Personal Histories

Everyone has a unique backstory, with learned habits, behaviors, and thought processes. Sharing your personal history with your partner can help them understand you better, and vice versa. Be transparent about your previous relationships and how those relationships have affected you. Talk about your childhood, parents, and family relationships, as these can have a significant impact on your adult life.

5. How Do You Handle Challenges in the Relationship?

Relationships are not always easy, and challenges are inevitable. It is important to discuss how you and your partner will handle conflicts when they arise. Talk about your personal communication styles, and whether you are more of a listener or a talker. Establish a safe space where both partners can communicate freely, without judgment or criticism.

In conclusion, having these conversations can seem daunting at first, but they are necessary to ensure a strong foundation for your relationship. Remember to communicate openly, actively listen to your partner, and prioritize your shared faith in God. With the right foundation, your relationship can thrive, grow, and flourish.

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