Dating Single Moms: Tales of Horror from the Trenches

As a single mom trying to date, I have had my fair share of horror stories. It’s not that we want to make dating difficult, but the truth is, it’s not easy juggling a child or children, work, and dating all at once. Here are some tales of horror from the trenches of dating single moms.
One of the most common horror stories I hear from fellow single moms is the lack of understanding from potential partners. When you’re a single parent with obligations to your child, it can be tough to make time for someone new. But some men fail to understand that and expect too much too soon. I have had men bailing on plans at the eleventh hour or getting upset when I couldn’t drop everything to hang out.
Another tale of horror is when the men can’t handle the fact that you have kids. For instance, one man I met online seemed like a perfect match for me, and we had amazing chemistry. But once he learned I was a single mom, he was out. He couldn’t see himself ever wanting to be a stepdad and that was the end of that. It left me feeling hurt and uncertain about the future.
Perhaps even more alarming are the horror stories about dads who have no interest in helping out with the kids. These types of men think that since they’re dating a mom, they don’t need to commit to her children in any shape or form. I have had a couple of personal experiences where I dated men who wanted to keep things casual and only see me when it suited them. For me, that is a definite deal breaker and disrespect towards my child and me.
Additionally, some men have their own expectations when it comes to being with a single mom. They see you as an easy target, a woman who is desperate for love, attention, and commitment. Being a mom doesn’t mean I am desperate, and I know what I want in a partner. So, when a man tries to take advantage of my situation, it doesn’t end well.
In conclusion, dating a single mom can pose some unique challenges for both parties involved. However, most of these issues could be resolved through mutual understanding, respect, and support. It’s okay to take things slow and ensure that your partner and her children are comfortable before diving in headfirst. At the end of the day, every single mom is different, and they just want to be treated with love and kindness like anyone else. So, if you’re a potential partner, take the time to listen, understand, and be flexible, because when you’re dating a single mom, you’re dating a package deal!

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