Exploring Faith and Love: Christian Dating Discussion Questions

When it comes to dating, many Christians struggle with balancing their faith and their love life. The Bible is clear that believers should only marry other believers (2 Corinthians 6:14) and that sexual immorality is a sin (1 Corinthians 6:18). But how can Christian singles navigate the dating world in a way that honors God and follows biblical principles?

One helpful tool for Christian singles is to engage in intentional and meaningful discussions with potential partners. Asking thought-provoking questions can not only reveal important information about a person’s character and values, but can also dive deeper into their faith journey and how they view relationships. Here are some Christian dating discussion questions to get the conversation started:

1. What does your relationship with God look like?
This question serves as a good icebreaker and can give insight into a person’s faith experience. It can also reveal how much importance they place on their relationship with God.

2. How do you prioritize your faith in a romantic relationship?
This question can reveal how much the person values their faith and how they incorporate it into their dating life. Their response can also give an idea of how compatible their values are with yours.

3. How have you dealt with temptation and sexual purity in past relationships?
This question can provide helpful information about a person’s past experiences and how they have handled challenging situations. It can also help reveal how seriously they take sexual purity and how committed they are to abstaining from premarital sex.

4. How do you communicate with your partner in a relationship?
This question can reveal a person’s communication style and how they handle conflict. It can also give insight into how they prioritize open and honest communication in their relationships.

5. What are your thoughts on marriage and its purpose?
This question can reveal a person’s values and beliefs about marriage. It can also give insight into how compatible their goals for a future relationship are with yours.

6. What do you believe about gender roles in a relationship?
This question can reveal a person’s views on mutual submission and respect in a relationship. It can also give insight into whether or not they hold traditional gender roles or more egalitarian beliefs.

7. How do you envision your relationship with God and your partner working together?
This question can provide insight into a person’s vision for their future relationships. It can also reveal how much they prioritize partnership with God in their dating life.

While these Christian dating discussion questions can help guide meaningful conversations, it’s important to approach them with an open mind and sincere interest in learning more about the other person. Remember, dating as a Christian should be Christ-centered and focused on glorifying God. By having intentional discussions that delve into faith and love, both partners can get a clearer idea of whether or not they are compatible and whether their relationship has the potential to be a healthy, fulfilling partnership.

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