Top Christian Dating Questions Every Single Should Ask Before Saying ‘I Do’

Top Christian Dating Questions Every Single Should Ask Before Saying ‘I Do’

Dating can be wonderful and exciting, but it can also be a tedious task. If you’re a Christian single and looking to settle down with someone, it’s important to ask the right questions before saying ‘I do.’ Many Christian couples get swept up in their romantic love story without asking the necessary questions that may impact their relationship in the long run. Below are some top Christian dating questions every single should ask before saying ‘I do.’

1. What are your spiritual beliefs?

As a Christian, your faith is a significant part of your life, and you want to ensure you’re with someone who shares your spiritual values. Ask your potential spouse about their spiritual beliefs, their church denomination, and how they seek to grow their faith daily. It is also essential to discuss how you both intend to share your faith and raise your children in the future.

2. What are your future career goals?

Your career can significantly influence various aspects of your life, such as the number of children you have, where you live, and your lifestyle. Discussing both of your career goals and how they align with your future lives can help you make informed decisions. It also provides an opportunity for you to support each other in chasing your dreams.

3. What is your financial plan?

Financial issues are one of the leading causes of stress in relationships. Due to this, discussing your financial plan with your potential spouse is crucial. This plan should include the budget, emergency funds, debt repayment plans, retirement plans, and future investments. You also want to ensure that both of you are on the same page concerning spending habits and prioritize financial responsibility.

4. What are your core values?

Everyone has unique values that influence their beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes. You want to ensure that you and your potential spouse align concerning these values. Discuss your views on marriage, children, politics, religion, and other essential topics to understand each other better.

5. How do you handle conflict?

Disagreements and misunderstandings are inevitable in relationships, but how couples handle conflict can make or break the relationship. It’s essential to discuss how you and your potential spouse handle disagreements and how you intend to manage conflicts in the future. Be sure to find out if they have any specific triggers so you can avoid them.

Before saying ‘I do,’ be sure to ask these essential Christian dating questions to ensure that you’re making an informed decision. Marriage is a lifetime commitment, and you want to ensure that you’re with someone who shares the same values, dreams, and interests. Taking the time to ask these questions can help prevent heartache and disappointment in the future.

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